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Previous Social Bites Dinners

Title Hosts Cuisine Notes Available Seats Total Seats
A Culinary Visit to Persia Sold Out Sanaz Middle Eastern Vegetarian 0 4
Adriana's CucinaSold Out Adriana Italian 0 6
A Night of the Classics!Sold Out Erin and Michael Classic Cuisine 0 4
Around the World Sold Out Johnny World cuisine 0 6
Ashley's Cozy Spring SupperSold Out Ashley and Lela Seasonal 0 4
Bangin British GrubSold Out Krissy and Chloe British if you please 0 4
Barcelona Inspired Sold Out Nati and Rebeka Catalan 0 6
Buon Appetito!Sold Out Aarti and Jill Italian 0 9
Celebrating Local and Home MadeSold Out Susanna, Marcus, and John Sebastian Seasonal 0 11
Chilies and ChocolateSold Out Cassandra and Michael Latin 0 6
Classics with a TwistSold Out Jenny and Rory British 0 6
Dining like at Vij'sSold Out Stephanie and Annemarie Indian 0 6
Dinner at a Lebanese ForestSold Out Majid and Joey Middle Eastern 0 7
Dirty little LambSold Out Leagh and Melana Soul Food 0 4
Down Home BBQ Sold Out Tamara and Ken American BBQ Gluten-free 0 4
Eastside Asian EatsSold Out Michelle and Don Asian Gluten-free 0 6
Egyptian StreetfoodSold Out Ahmed and Claire Middle Eastern 0 4
Expo 86 - A 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner!Sold Out Heather, Sarah, and Team Vintage Vancouver 0 8
False Creek DelightSold Out Liz and Barry Seafood Sensation 0 6
Fiesta CanadianaSold Out Cynthia and Kris Mexican Wheelchair accessible 0 4
Food For FoodSold Out Alice, Sara, and Ethan Latin Vegetarian 0 12
Italian StallionsSold Out Peter and Steve Italian 0 4
Japonaise AmourSold Out Deborah and Jo Japanese-French 0 6
Kelly & Rebecca's TrattoriaSold Out Kelly and Rebecca Italian 0 6
Lemons make LemonadeSold Out Anastasia and Tammy Globally Inspired 0 4
Le Tire-BouchonSold Out Steven and Anicka French 0 10
Mastering the Art of French CookingSold Out Adele and Henning French 0 6
Night at the CastleSold Out Rachel and Rachel Plant Based Vegetarian 0 4
North African Adventure Sold Out Alex and Aaron North African + Middle Eastern 0 4
Oh She GlowsSold Out Jenny and Martha Plant Based Vegetarian, Vegan 0 5
pan-asian tasting menuSold Out Karen and Wilson Southeast Asian 0 4
Pinoy MemoriesSold Out Mark and Andrea Asian 0 4
Plenty MoreSold Out Elise and Mandi Middle Eastern Vegetarian 0 4
Polenta Alla SpianatoraSold Out Suvi and Nate Italian 0 8
Portguese Summer NightsSold Out Carlos and Ian Portuguese 0 14
Prairie Comfort Food by Shannon & KelseySold Out Shannon and Kelsey Canadian Comfort Food 0 4
Ron & Carmen's Fish HouseSold Out Ron and Carmen Seafood Sensation 0 6
Sabores de México Sold Out Bonita and Rossana Mexican Wheelchair accessible 0 8
Sea to Sky Sold Out Ruby and Cody West Coast 0 6
Shai's Malay KitchenSold Out Shaiful and Nicolas Malaysian 0 5
Soul Food SistasSold Out Aarti and Patty Soul Food Vegan option, Gluten-free 0 6
Southern Style Comfort Food Sold Out Anuschka and Joel Southern 0 14
Spice of Life Sold Out Katharine and Seth Mexican Gluten-free 0 7
Spice Up the Night: A Mexican Vegan FeastSold Out Stephanie and Ron Mexican Wheelchair accessible, Vegan 0 6
Spicy Trouble in Little ChinatownSold Out Nikolas and Evelyn Chinese Wheelchair accessible 0 6
Spring AbundanceSold Out Karen and Danika Plant Based Vegan 0 6
Sunday Supper on SaturdaySold Out Stephanie and Michael Comfort Food 0 6
Taste of the Middle East Sold Out Steph and Neil Middle Eastern Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free 0 4
Thai Me UpSold Out Aimee and Suzanne Southeast Asian 0 10
Thai with a Twist Sold Out Lindsay and Brandi Fusion 0 6
Turkey Taco Delight!Sold Out Jonas and Aren California-Healthy-Mexican Gluten-free option 0 4
Vegan Moroccan Feast for the Soul!Sold Out Jeannette and Stephen Moroccan Vegan 0 4
Viva ItaliaSold Out Shannon Italian 0 20
Waffles on WafflesSold Out Todd and Anna West Coast 0 6
Water: A Journey of Restoration, Dignity, and LifeSold Out Elaine and Tim Globally Inspired 0 15
West End Thai Sold Out Ryan and Meagan Southeast Asian 0 4