Terms and Conditions: Hobby Chefs

DinnerPartyYVR is a charity event produced by Social Bites.

Waiver and Terms of Participation

Updated on January 7th, 2015

As the proceeds from this event go to charity, the act of participating in the DinnerPartyYVR event constitutes full consideration for the agreement contained herein, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged.

By registering for the DinnerPartyYVR event, you, your sous-chef, anyone helping you with your meal & dinner party, heirs, successors and assigns (hereafter referred to as the “Hobby Chef”) waive any and all claims for damages, whether known or unknown, whether for negligence, gross negligence, injury or loss, physical or economic, direct or indirect (hereafter referred to as the “Claims”), against any diner, sponsor, partner or other person attending or providing services in relation to the DinnerPartyYVR event and against Social Bites Networking Services and its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees, affiliates, volunteers and assigns (hereafter referred to as “Social Bites”).

If the Hobby Chef agrees to participate in the DinnerPartyYVR event, the Hobby Chef will inform their sous-chef or any other party supporting their meal prior to participation that they are included in the aforementioned definition of “Hobby Chef” and that their participation constitutes consideration for their agreement to waive any and all Claims as described above. The Hobby Chef will indemnify and save harmless Social Bites from any and all Claims the guests may have or make against Social Bites.

If the Hobby Chef consumes alcohol or any other substance that may impair the Hobby Chef’s ability to operate a motor vehicle, bicycle, skateboard, longboard, roller blades, old fashioned roller skates or any other moving device, the Hobby Chef will arrange for alternate safe transportation to the after-party location (if applicable) and home after the DinnerPartyYVR event. Safe transportation may include walking home with a trusted friend, but does not include piggybacks or moonwalking.

The Hobby Chef also grants Social Bites permission to take, share, use, post and promote any picture, video or other media of or identifying the Hobby Chef and or their food related or unrealted to DinnerPartyYVR. This permission includes permission to post pictures of the Hobby Chef and their food on mugs, ugly Christmas sweaters, websites and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (but probably not MySpace). This permission extends to event partners, sponsors and other third parties. The Hobby Chef is ridiculously good looking and their food throughly delectable, and we want to share this with the world.

Social Bites reserves the right to cancel or postpone the DinnerPartyYVR event. If the DinnerPartyYVR event is canceled or postponed, no refunds of charitable donations or any related meal costs will be issued.

The Hobby Chef also agrees to abide by the following rules and guidelines, which may be amended from time to time:

  • The Hobby Chef has to submit an application to participate in DinnerPartyYVR on dinnerpartyvr.com.
  • Social Bites reserves the right to select each Hobby Chef for DinnerPartyYVR. Selections are based on subjective assessment. Submitting an application does not mean the Hobby Chef has been selected to participate DinnerPartyYVR. Social Bites will contact each Hobby Chef and inform the Hobby Chef whether they have been selected or not. Only after a Hobby Chef has been selected is he/she required to submit the meal description.
  • Although generally not necessary, Social Bites reserves the right to inspect the home/location of where the Hobby Chef is planning on serving the meal or to request a test meal.
  • Each Hobby Chef receives dinner & home related goods & services valued at approximately $200. No additional expenses related to DinnerPartyYVR will be covered by Social Bites and the Hobby Chef is responsible for all costs related to their meal. This support is currently only available to Hobby Chefs located in Vancouver. Hobby Chefs in other cities, please contact info@dinnerpartyyvr.com for more information.
  • After a Hobby Chef’s meal is published, the Hobby Chef agrees to serve the meal as agreed upon at the DinnerPartyYVR event. If the Hobby Chef wants to change the meal, Social Bites needs to be contacted immediately to decide if the change is possible (you can always add surprises but we can’t turn a Vegan meal into a Meatlovers meal)
  • The Hobby Chef agrees to provide the correct address outlining where the meal is hosted. The address will only be released to Diners attending the meal.
  • Hobby Chef(s) have to be 19 years or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Social Bites has the right to ask to charge the Hobby Chef a $500 administration fee if a Hobby Chef cancels a meal within 2 weeks of the event without a plausible reason (winning a trip to Hawaii may be considered a plausible reason).
  • If a Hobby Chef cancels the meal for any reason, the Hobby Chef is responsible for refunding any donations made by diners or partners to support their meal and charity.

A word about privacy

The Hobby Chef’s name will be shared on our DinnerPartyYVR website in relation to the approved meal. The Hobby Chef’s name, address, buzzer code (if applicable), and telephone number will be shared with Diners that have signed up for the approved meal. This information will be sent via email to Diners approx. 1-2 weeks prior to the DinnerPartyYVR event. Otherwise, we will not sell, trade, rent or release the Hobby Chef’s private information to anyone outside our company, affiliates, and event partners, without your approval.

We reserve the right to update this policy in the future to further protect the Hobby Chef’s privacy.

To contact the good folks at Social Bites, please send an email to info@dinnerpartyYVR.com